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Take Me to the Stacks, You Animal...
The Different Time and Place Smutathon Challenge! 
Thursday, Aug. 9, 07 - 7:22 pm
seventh veil
Have you ever wondered what Veronica and Logan's relationship would have been like set against the backdrop of World War 2 Germany? Or Weevil and V's secret amour in 1950's New York City, a la West Side Story? How would Duncan and Wallace as undercover lovers work in the Wild West? Only YOU know the answer... Presenting the "Different Time and Place" Smutathon Challenge!

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Please pimp this like she’s yo ho. :D

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The prompt for this round is that the smut must occur in a ...um, different time and place. Regency England is totally my ho, so anything else is fair game!

The regular Rules pretty much stay the same, but give 'em a gander so as not to goof up, k?

Rules are as follows:

1. Fics must be at least 2000 words. No one wants to read your drabble. Write us a novel, baby!

2. Fics MUST be R - NC-17. It's called a SMUTathon for a reason, yo.

3. Fics must be submitted by September 30th at 11:59pm EST to be considered for voting.

4. Fics must include characters/couples from Veronica Mars. All couples are welcome!! Even though L/V is prevalent in our fandom, this is a smutathon community for *everyone*! (Please note: while I appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating original characters, no fics will be accepted that features an OC.)

5. Fics must be written with correct grammar/spelling/punctuation or they will be deleted. PLEASE do not submit fics that have not been beta'ed. If you do not have your own editor, please visit vm_betas, or seek a fellow writer for some mutually-assured beta-ing.

No official sign-ups, 'cause that's a pain in the ass, but feel free to comment if you know for sure you're going to write us something fabulous!
Sunday, Sep. 16, 07 - 3:50 am (UTC)
This is the best smutathon ever!
I wish I could write something for this! But I have zero talent and I'm not a member. *sigh*

But I thought of some time period ideas.
Perhaps England; somewhere around Jane Austen's time.
Lots of juicy affairs back then. Girls were being married off but falling in love with the farm hands. Or men had to marry women with certain social standings but were secretly screwing the milk maids.

I don't know how well that would work out in a smutathon but I'm very into England backintheday and I would LOVE to read a story from that time period.

I especially can't wait to read your story takenwithyou. You always put out something super juicy.
Monday, Sep. 17, 07 - 4:49 am (UTC)
The time period you're describing *is* Regency England; I hope to have my story done in time. Thanks for the interest and the encouragement, I really appreciate it!
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