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Welcome To Neptune 
Saturday, Aug. 23, 08 - 8:57 pm
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 Title: Welcome To Neptune
Author: Claire
Pairing/Character:  LoVe some DuVe,LiWe,DuMe
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexual situations.Minor Character death
Summary: AU. When 12-year-old Logan comes to Neptune,Duncan warned him to stay away from Veronica. Now that the Fabfour are older can Logan hide his feelings anymore? What happens when Best friends brake up and dirty secrets are reviled?
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 1.

Ok so this is my new story and there are a few things you should know, this is set before Lilly died and I will decide later i Ok so this is my new story and there are a few things you should know, this is set before Lilly died and im not going to tell you if she dies…surprises people. And yes this will be LoVe but also Duncan friendly )

When it says Then it mean like when they where 12, anyway I hope you like my new story…it should be a happy one. I also would like to thank my Wonderful beta vmfan387 who read through my story and made sure there were no mistakes! Thanks a bunch!

Anyone who reads FanFic should know these first few chapters and know me as .SoDa.PoP9




As soon as Logan stepped out of the limo he herd other kids laughing and screaming, he looked around and noticed a large oval that had a bunch of girl playing soccer.

Logan felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around “Hey lets go and say hi” Duncan said as he dragged his friend over to the crowd that surrounded the field.

Logan had just moved to Neptune and the only person he knew was Duncan, he had never met his friend’s sister or any of his friends.

As soon as Duncan found out that Logan had moved to Neptune he quickly dragged Logan out of his house and pushed him into the limo telling the driver to take them to the park.

Logan and Duncan ran over to the oval just in time to see a petite girl with Blond piggy tails, a green top and shorts along with knee high socks, kicking the soccer ball into the goal. Everyone cheered along with Duncan.

Everyone on the soccer team started to walk back to their families along with the petite girl who was walking towards them. Logan’s breath caught in his throat as he saw her smile at them, before she was knocked over by another girl who was slightly taller.

“Yay veronica you won” the girl said as she helped the petite blonde girl to stand back up on her feet.

“Who’s that?” Logan whispered in Duncan’s ear.

“Oh that’s my sister Lilly” Duncan smiled and Logan kept his eyes on the petite girl

“Lilly” he whispered.

As the girl walked up in front of them the petite girl smiled at Logan “Hi…you must be new, I’ve never seen you around here before” she smiled making Logan give her a goofy smile.

“Duncan told me your name was Lilly” Logan smiled

“Um…that would be me” the taller girl said and stepped in front of the petite girl making Logan’s smile drop.

“And if you need anything while you’re here in my town” Lilly stepped right in front of Logan so their chest where touching “Anything at all…just ask” she grinned and Logan stumbled a little.

“Ahhh…so what’s your name” he said and ignored Lilly by stepping away and facing the petite girl.

“Veronica” she smiled and held her hand out to Logan “Logan Echolls” Logan said and shook her hand and when they both felt sparks go through them they dropped each others hand. Logan gave her another goofy smile and Veronica blushed making Lilly look at them warily.

“So how old are you?” Veronica asked

“Im twelve and I will be starting school at Neptune high soon”

“Me too” Veronica smiled

“So what there to do around here?” Logan asked veronica and she smiled

“Well if you want we could go and get ice-cream,” Veronica said as they both ignored the Kane glares.

“Grate” Logan said as he grabbed veronica’s arms and dragged her towards the limo “Why don’t you show me”

As the Kane’s followed Logan and Veronica they both looked annoyed, Lilly liked the new boy and thought that she would love to turn that goofy smile into a sexy grin, but she also noticed that he ignored her and that ticked her off.

The only time Lilly didn’t care if a boy ignored her is if he were trying to get with her best friend, in that case she would encourage it. But Logan Echolls was different and his father was the famous Aaron Echolls, oh yeah she wanted the boy to be hers.

Duncan stared after his best friend and the girl of his dreams and didn’t understand what was going on, didn’t Logan realise that she was the girl he told Logan about constantly, the girl he wanted to be married to, to spend the rest of his life with…why was Logan taking her away from him?

As they all got into the limo and drove to the ice-cream parlour, Lilly made sure to sit extra close to Logan “So Logan, what’s it like to have a movie star as a father?” Lilly said stroking his arm.

“Ahhh….” Logan was about to answer before veronica cut in.

“Lilly leave him alone, he just got here and I bet he doesn’t want to be talking about his parents” Logan smiled at her and veronica hid her head as she blushed, Duncan noticed this and began sitting closer to Veronica.

As they all got to the ice-cream parlour Logan held Veronicas hand as he dragged her into the building with the Kane’s following behind them.

“So…what’s your favourite ice-cream?” Veronica asked as they stared thought the glass screen.

“Chocolate” Logan said and Veronica rolled her eyes

“Chocolate? But that so normal, I mean everyone likes chocolate. Come on choose another flavour” Veronica smiled.

“Choc-mint chip?” Logan said as if asking her if that’s the right question making Veronica giggle.

“That’s better…funny that’s my favourite flavour.” As Veronica and Logan where next in line they both ordered the same thing along with Veronica getting Lilly and Duncan’s while the two Kane’s chose a booth to sit in.

“What are Lilly and Duncan having?” Logan asked

“Lilly loves Wild Cherry and Duncan’s having vanilla choc-chip”

“Vanilla?” Logan asked.

“It has choc-chip” Veronica said shrugging her shoulders as she grabbed the other ice creams.

“And you thought my choice was boring” Logan said with a snicker

“I never said it was boring…I said it was normal, and you don’t seem like your normal kind of guy,” Veronica said and Logan reached for the Wild Cherry ice cream

“Here I’ll help you” Logan said and Veronica smiled

As they made there way to the booth Logan gave Lilly her ice cream “Why thank you Logan…how did you know it was my favourite” Lilly purred making Logan step back a bit.

“Ahhh…Veronica bought the ice cream I was just holding it for her” Logan said as he sat down next to Veronica making Lilly frown.

The rest of the day went great for Logan, he loved hearing Veronica speak, and the more she talked to him the more he liked her. Neither Logan nor veronica noticed that Duncan and Lilly where both plotting something.

“Donut we have to get Logan away from Veronica” Lilly said


“Don’t play stupid Donut, we both know Logan is making a move on her and Veronica is falling for it, you need to tell her you like her…then drag her away from Echolls.”

“But what happens if Logan try’s to make a move on her?” Duncan asks

“Tell him that you like her and if he want to stay friends with you, he needs to back off, then I will make a move on him and trap him in my web” Lilly said with a evil glint in her eyes.

“And if it doesn’t work?”

“We will just have to make sure they are never around each other’ Lilly said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“So Ronnie, I was wondering if you would like to come over after school, we could go for a dip in my pool” Logan said and had to try and keep the pleading look out of he’s eyes.

“Sure I would love to but I don’t have my bathing suit with me” veronica said

“It’s ok you can use one of my sisters” Logan said with a bright a smile which made Veronica blush.

“So are you ready to go?” Duncan asked them making them break eye contact.

“What?” Logan asked

“You said we should all go for a swim at your place” Lilly said with a small grin.

“Oh ah well….” This was not what Logan wanted; he wanted to spend alone time with veronica. He had never met a girl like her so sweet and shy, she reminded Logan of an angle, but she had a certain kick to her that Logan thought she didn’t show much, which was what had Logan hooked.

Veronica couldn’t believe this, Logan was actually interested in her and it kind of made her feel strange, no one was ever interested in her since her best friend was Lilly Kane. She had to admit she was angry at Lilly and Duncan when the invited them selves over to Logan’s because she just wanted to spend time with him.

So what does everyone think? 
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Saturday, Aug. 23, 08 - 10:54 pm (UTC)
I... don't... understand... where are the sexual situations that received the NC-17 rating?
Sunday, Aug. 24, 08 - 12:55 am (UTC)

well this isnt a one shot, there are like 31 chapters to this and trust me there is a lot of smut in there to make NC-17. Just wait till chapter 4
Saturday, Dec. 27, 08 - 12:16 am (UTC) - ???
What HAPPENED to the other 29 chapters??? I've been checking everyday... pretty please finish this!
Saturday, Dec. 27, 08 - 8:55 am (UTC) - Re: ???
i know i know , what chapter is on my livejournal cause; im up to 9 on my fanfiction , my beta is always busy and right now shes checking chapter 10
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