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Take Me to the Stacks, You Animal...
Welcome To Neptune (CHAPTER 2 ) 
Monday, Aug. 25, 08 - 9:48 pm
Jefree star
Title:Welcome To Neptune
Pairing:LoVe some DuVe,LiWe,DuMe
Raiting:NC-17 for language, sexual situations.Minor Character death (later on)
Summery:AU. When 12-year-old Logan comes to Neptune,Duncan warned him to stay away from Veronica. Now that the Fabfour are older can Logan hide his feelings anymore? What happens when Best friends brake up and dirty secrets are reviled?
Spoilers:Season 1
Aurthors Note: this is not a one-shot there are around 31 chapters

Chapter 2


Logan was lying down on a lounge chair with Lilly on one side of him and Duncan on the other when Veronica came out in a pale pink bikini, blushing.
Logan’s eyes went wide at the sight of her and so did Duncan’s, Lilly saw the way Logan was looking at Veronica, and intently puffed out her chest.

“Hey Logan” Lilly purred but he never looked her way.
“Hey guys” Veronica said as she sat on the other side of Duncan
“Hey Ronnie, why don’t we go and take a dip?” Logan said as he held out his hand for her
“Ronnie?” Lilly and Duncan asked in union
“Yeah, that’s my nickname for her” he said before taking Veronica in the pool before pushing her in and jumping after her.
“I’m going to get you Echolls!” Veronica shouted making Logan laugh.
“You’re going to have to catch me” Logan said and ducked under the water along with Veronica.
“Donut you have to talk to him” Lilly hissed
“It’s not like I can tell him to stay away from her now; they haven’t left each other’s side, except for when Veronica was changing” Duncan said
“Veronica is acting different and I like it; except the part how Logan is only paying attention to her” Lilly said with a scowl across her face
As veronica swam under the water; she couldn’t find Logan, until she felt two-hand wrap around her waist, pulling her up to the surface and tickling her sides.
“Lo…. Logan…sto…. stop” Veronica laughed as Logan kept tickling her.
“What do I get if I stop?” Logan asked
“I…. I…wont…. hurt…you” Veronica laughed only making Logan tickle her more.
“What about a little kiss” Logan said making Veronica blush.
“Fi…fine just…stop tickling me” Veronica laughed and suddenly Logan stopped and made her face him.
“And what about that kiss” Logan asked with a little smile and a glint of hope in his eyes.
Veronica blushed before leaning forward and brushing her lips across his, as Logan tried to make the kiss more passionate Veronica pulled away. She was embarrassed to admit that that was her first kiss so she didn’t want to make it more in case she made a fool of her self.
Logan saw she was embarrassed, and stroked her cheek. He wasn’t used to girls who would blush and pull away; all the girls he knew acted older then they were, and most the time it wasn’t a good thing.
“Um…maybe we should get out and dry off?” Veronica said and Logan blushed
“Ahhh…I will in a few” Logan mumbled as he swam deeper into the pool.
Veronica gave a confused ‘ok’ before leaving the pool.
Lilly and Duncan both seeing them kiss spat their drinks “What the hell?” the both mumbled.
Lilly was confused, out of all the years she knew Veronica Mars, she always knew that Veronica wasn’t somebody to make the first move, so what the hell was going on?
Duncan was angry, his best friend since they where seven had just kissed the girl of his dreams. Oh yeah he defiantly needed to do something before it was too late.
Veronica walked up to her lounge chair and wouldn’t look at Lilly or Duncan because she was still blushing.
“Hey Logan can I talk to you for a second?” Duncan yelled out to Logan who was still in the pool cooling off.
“Yeah just give a second,” Logan yelled back before swimming over to the stairs and getting out of the pool.

As Logan walked over to them, he winked at veronica, which made her blush even more, Duncan quickly stood up and dragged Logan into the house.
Lilly stood up and sat beside Veronica on the lounge chair that Duncan was just on and smiled at her.

“Veronica I have to tell you something” Lilly said and Veronica turned to her.
“I really like Logan, and I was thinking that I am going to ask him out” Lilly continued and Veronica’s smile dropped.
“Oh that’s great” Veronica stuttered.
Veronica knew she had no chance against Lilly because Lilly was what all the guys wanted, and she was just shy, innocent Veronica.

“I know, I feel like me and Logan have a connection, you know?” Lilly smiled and Veronica nodded.“Oh my gosh I have like the greatest idea ever! What if you date the
Donut? You two are like the perfect match. We could go double dating and everything” Lilly stopped to squeal “And imagine if you two get married, then me and you
would be sisters!” Lilly squealed again and Veronica managed a little smile.

“Yeah, that would be great” Veronica turned her face away from Lilly as a deep frown made its way to her face.

Duncan pulled Logan inside, and dragged him to the kitchen, where he poured Logan and himself glass of lemonade.
“So isn’t she great?” Duncan said
“Veronica...yeah she’s awesome” Logan said with a bright smile.

“You know she is the girl I told you about over summer camp. I’m thinking about asking her out, me and her where like made for each other” Duncan shot Logan a
bright smile and instantly Logan’s face dropped.

“Oh” Logan sighed
“Lilly always said Veronica and me where made for each other and would end up married some day, I hope we do” Duncan said and sat down on a stool.
“Are you sure you want to go out with her, I mean there are other girls out there” Logan said trying to change is friends mind.
“No one like her though” Duncan said shooting Logan a glare “Look I saw you kiss her, if you don’t want to destroy our friend ship you will just have to stop hitting on Veronica. We were made for each other” Duncan said and shot Logan another glare that looked like a warning.
“How am I supposed to stay away from her?” Logan spat
“Ignore her, show her you’re not interested” Duncan said
“Yeah” Logan mumbled before walking out of his kitchen, and back outside where he sat back down next to Lilly, without looking at Veronica.

He couldn’t believe this; he was only in Neptune for two days and feel in love with Veronica only to have Duncan tell him to stay away from her. This was completely stupid; how was he supposed to stay away from Veronica when he was head over heals for her?
He turned and looked at Veronica, she shot him a smile and before he could smile back Duncan came out side and shot him a glare, all Logan could do was turn away and not look at her.

After the sun went down, and the Kane’s drivers came to pick Lilly and Duncan up, Duncan shot him a warning glare before stepping into the limo.
Logan and veronica sat beside the pool with their feet in the water, sitting silently until Veronica turned to Logan.

“Are you ok?” she asked him and he snapped out of his thought.
‘What?” he asked while not looking at her.
“Well ever since you came out of the kitchen earlier today with Logan you haven’t spoken a word to me,” she said making Logan feel bad.
“It’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s” Logan stopped to put his fingers through his hair and sighed.
“What did you and Duncan talk about Logan?” Veronica asked
“He just wanted ask me if I was enjoying Neptune so far “ Logan lied
“It’s just that when I smiled at you earlier, then Duncan comes out of the kitchen you suddenly turn away from me and then the rest of the day you ignore me.
“Hey do you think you would want to hang out tomorrow, just the two of us, we don’t have to tell the other two?” Logan said changing the subject
“Sure” Veronica smiled

Just to let everyone know that this will be a LoVe, I don’t like DuVe since well Duncan cheated on Veronica, but I will not make him a creepy stalker like he was in my other fics, but if you want to see some LoVe in the future then I guess your going to have to Review.
Sunday, Sep. 7, 08 - 5:47 am (UTC)
love it! don't stop.=)
Thursday, Oct. 1, 09 - 5:12 am (UTC) - Cute
It's very cute so far....I'd like to see more. :)
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